Hello! I'm Leachy!
But My Real name is Carol
I'm a Artist! I like to Draw, Paint, Do Sculpture, other Craft stuff like Jewelry and I also Tattoo on the side! I really like trying new thing in the Art world.

I also love Hanging out with my Friends and Playing Video games and just having a good time. I'm really Shy! O x O My Super power is Blending into Parties and Giving people great Hugs and also known to take care of people when there upset and stuff. Nicknames I've been Given is "Mama Leachy" and "Nurse Leachy" lol XD

But I'm really Shy U x U I have a lot of Friend but only a few really know me. I'm really scared to open up to people that I don't know. So I usually observe people for a while till I can trust them with personal information about my life and what I've been thru. But I love taking in energy that people give out sometimes. I guess that what I like about hanging out with Friend is that they always have that energy that make me happy O///w///O <333

But Thanks for stopping by my page...
Check out the link below for my Artwork and WIP And Other links

U w U <3

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Taking pic of some of the New Jewelry I made over the week. Here my Photoset up lol #LeachyPeachyArtAndJewelry

Made some cute owl earrings and matching necklace! On $12 per set! Going to upload them soon on Etsy!








That man you see there, he is a 92 year old veteran from Norway, who was tortured by the nazis during world war II. 
The upper picture is the picture of the “BOY London” logo, that’s so popular now days.
Then, on the picture under, is a known symbol that were used under by the nazis in World War II. 
Now you can all think of what you’re really wearing.

finally someone made a post about it, everyone’s running around with the Third Reich Eagle on their chests

think about it

yes make it known. nobody ever talks about it.


But—how—does someone not recognize that particular eagle? It was almost as prominent as the swastika in the Third Reich!

FFS, it’s even perched on a circle! The only thing it’s missing is the swastika.

Did schools stop teaching fairly modern history at some point and I just wasn’t aware of it?

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Sculpture tour Salina Kansas Octopus (by Mark Neubrand)

why can’t I ever happen upon a cephalopod statue while i’m out and about? colorado springs has tons of sculptures in the downtown/university area and yet there’s not one single cephalopod!

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